Liquiloans P2P lending – review

Liquiloans lending has couple of lending products of various holding periods starting from 0 to few years.. It is a riskier alternate debt investment option which can provide higher return than Fixed Deposits at higher risk.


Liquiloans lending offer return starting from 8% depending upto the term chosen. These are the returns offered at the time of writing this article.

0 MHP (Minimum holding periodupto 8%
3 monthsupto 8.6%
6 monthsupto 9%
1 yearupto 9.25%


The income earned using P2P treated as other income and taxed at the income tax slab rate of the individual.


P2P lending carries higher default risks than the regular fixed deposits or other debt instruments like Corporate deposits. Liquiloans has low default rates as compared to other P2P lending platform.

Final Conclusion

Investors who are ok to take higher risks, can invest small amount in Liquiloans lending product for higher returns.

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